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Molly Tokenomics Overview

Total Supply: 100 Billion Coins

  • Angels: 50% of the total supply. Discounted with a higher, decreasing daily fee structure.
  • Private: 28.2%. Lower fee than angels, as deemed fair by experts.
  • Unaccounted (Excess from Tier 3): 16%. Unsold portion in Tier 3, with utilization plans to be announced.
  • Liquidity Pool (LP): 5.8%. To maintain healthy liquidity.

Utilization of Unaccounted Coins

The 16% excess will be locked and deployed strategically for network benefits. Detailed plans and incentives will be communicated in advance.

New Buyers

New buyers will encounter a nominal buy and sell fee, contributing to the liquidity pool and supporting ecosystem growth.

Product-Linked Coins

80 billion coins reserved for "Molly" products, allowing consumers to redeem tokens and unlock NFTs in the "______" metaverse.


Angels and private buyers hold 78.2% of the supply, with decreasing daily sell fees of 80% & 90%. New buyers have a smaller launch fee contributing to liquidity.

Upcoming Announcements

More information will be shared soon on partnerships, contractors, legal advisers, and service providers.

Regional Expansion Plans

Commencement of collaborative efforts with legal associates to initiate the application process of a Vara license in the United Arab Emirates.


This tokenomic structure aims to balance early supporters with new participants and integrate digital assets with consumer products. Stay tuned for updates on the "Molly" ecosystem and the "______" metaverse.

Molly Project Overview

"Molly" represents a groundbreaking approach to blending the physical and digital worlds, transforming everyday products into portals to a digital metaverse. This initiative is not just about entertainment; it's about pioneering new forms of digital interaction and community building.

Global Distribution Strategy

Our mission is to distribute "Molly" products globally, merging the physical with the virtual metaverse. We aim to onboard millions into the Web5 environment through a global product hunt, unlocking NFTs and offering a unique metaverse experience.

The Physical Product Hunt

Each "Molly" product contains tokens and a random NFT, acting as a gateway to the metaverse. This creates a thrilling global quest for rare NFTs, driving engagement and strengthening our ecosystem.

Regulation Compliance and Expansion

Adhering to regional regulations ensures the safety and trustworthiness of "Molly", paving the way for global expansion and introducing our novel concept in various markets.

Exclusive Benefits for Angel and Private Buyers

Angel and private buyers receive early access to products and exclusive digital real estate in the metaverse, enhancing their engagement with "Molly".

Launch Timelines

  • Product Launch: Anticipated in Q1.
  • Metaverse Launch: Expected towards the end of Q1.

The Global Hunt and Crypto Adoption

The global hunt for "Molly" NFTs is a movement to mainstream cryptocurrency and digital items, making the crypto experience accessible through consumer products.

Conclusion: A New Era of Digital Asset Interaction

As we prepare for a global launch, our focus remains on compliance, innovation, and creating excitement for crypto mass adoption, reshaping engagement with the virtual metaverse.

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