Congratulations All on Hitting 50k Users.Affiliates Paused for now

Congratulations on Hitting 50k Users. Affiliates Paused for now

We'll continue rewarding our loyal user base with more exciting rewards. Join the Discord Now and Stay tuned for more updates

Ps. All the JEETS , BOTS and MALICOUS Accounts will be Blacklisted

Affiliate Dashboard

About the Affiliate Program

Join our affiliate program and earn Molly Points for each referral. Earn 10000 Molly Point for every direct referral and 5000 Molly Points for sub-referrals. These points will be converted to $molly at a later date. Use your affiliate link to encourage users to sign up and create accounts with Molly Gateway.

Rewards are distributed to your account once a week. You can view your total Molly Points earned below.

Points Distribution

ActionNew UserReferrerSub-Referral
Join with Referral Code10000 $Molly Points10000 $Molly Points-
Subsequent Referral10000 $Molly Points10000 $Molly Points5000 $Molly Points
Join without Referral CodeNo Points--

Note: We'll be verifying every entry and reserve the right to disqualify points if any discrepancies are found.


Congratulations all on Hitting 50k Users. $MOLLY Affiliates have been Paused for now